Time to upgrade the network

That feeling when you have to give your router the, “it’s not you, it’s me” speech… The problem I’m outgrowing the existing router I’m using for my home lab (more closely related to a home-based data center) and would like to make a transition over to PFSense. My existing router runs a proprietary OS (Ubiquiti […]

Gaming Server Upgrade

This past week, I decided to complete an upgrade on one of my old Dell Poweredge R410 servers. It’s nothing fancy but, I’m a hardware nut so, I find it to be fun and relaxing. I also appreciate older, enterprise-grade hardware and it’s capabilities. The Box I’m primarily using this server as a host for […]

Phones, LineageOS, and Privacy

When I made the decision to start down the path of de-googling, one of the first things to come up for thought was my smart phone. Using equivalent replacement apps for traditional Google Apps/services seemed like something that would be hard to do. Ironically, that wasn’t as hard as I initially expected. There’s no doubt […]