Father's Day 2020

This won't be a long entry but, I just wanted to share a quick post about my 2020 Father's Day.

My wife (Pam) and daughter (Cadence) gave me some awesome gifts, this year. I always appreciate my Pam's handmade cards as she puts so much time into them and they're so much nicer/more meaningful than store bought cards. She made some what of a mad lib/fill-in-the-blank version for Cadence to fill out, this year (I'm sure you'll enjoy her responses and picture).

Recently, my favorite IPA glass broke so, Pam was able to locate a great stemmed glass to replace it. Additionally, she found a box of varying glasses (pint, half-pint, tulip, and IPA) to go along with it. So, I now have a great spread to add to my small collection of glassware.

Of course, it wouldn't be Father's Day without some sort of funny t-shirt. Last year, it was a custom “Ginger Beard Man” shirt, while this year it was the one above.

All-in-all, it was a great Father's Day. They know that they don't ever have to get me anything but, they always seem to come up with some of the coolest gifts that brighten my day.

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