Society: COVID-19, Coronavirus, and the Political Impact

No doubt, by now, you’ve heard or experienced the whirlwind of opinions and political stances that are synonymous with the terms “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus”. Even the mention of either word brings up some sort of emotional reaction (defensive, offensive, good, or bad). It’s a topic that is on the tip of nearly everyone’s tongues. With personal beliefs and uncertainties being fueled by media coverage (public, social, etc.) there appears to be no end in sight for any casually dismissive consideration.

Similar to the general political landscape of the last 10 years, it’s difficult to have an educated or respectable conversation with anyone about the current state of affairs (ie. COVID-19). Even at the uttering of an opposing view, so many people are quick to become radically defensive, without taking the time to explore more dialogue or consider an unbiased/objective view of the other person’s take on the matter. Even in the United States, it’s nearly impossible to avoid being involved in conversation that ultimately doesn’t have an overtone of “if you don’t share my exact beliefs, then you’re against me”.

All current topics aside, this should be concerning to most people. It seems as if conversations are slipping back into somewhat of a dark age or of a dystopian nature. Not that all people share the same stance but, it’s as if those that harbor thoughts or ideas contrary to the general populous are being treated like outcasts or treasonists.

What became of the days when we could hold even the strongest of opposing opinions but, have hours of enlightening conversation where points were made and views were elaborated upon?

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